What Is the Central Theme of the Bible?

What Is the Central Theme of the Bible?

  • Jim Hamilton Professor of Biblical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • 2012 27 Nov

The Central Theme of the Bible

Jim Hamilton, transcribed from the video above, discusses the central theme of the Bible:

Well, I think that God's ultimate purpose, and thus the central theme of the whole Bible, is the display of the glory of God. The weight of his magnificent goodness. And in particular, I think what God in particular wants to show, is that he is a God who is just. He keeps his word. And somehow he's also merciful. And when he forgives and shows mercy, it doesn't undermine his justice.

So he is merciful in a way that somehow he has upheld justice. And I think he accomplishes this by demonstrating his glory in salvation that comes through judgment. So I think the glory of God and salvation through judgment is the main theme of the whole Bible. 


Photo Credit: Unsplash/AaronBurden