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Christian Theology

What Is Biblical Discernment? Why Is it Important?
What Is Biblical Discernment? Why Is it Important?

In its simplest definition, discernment is nothing more than the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. In other words, the ability to think with discernment is synonymous with an ability to think biblically.

About Christian Theology

Study Christian theology to learn more about your faith.  Learn more about God's creation from a theological perspective.  Discover how covenants found in Scripture are applicable to today's church.  Watch informative videos about baptism, as well as infant baptism.  Learn what the Bible says about heaven and hell and how these are very real places.  See how theologians believe Christians can overcome sin.  Learn information on how to identify the antichrist, and discover how Christians should view the end times.  Discover what Christians need to know about salvation and how to lead others to Christ.   Get educated on how to view other religions as a born-again believer.