Bible Trivia Games

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Bible Ball

Bible Ball

Step Up to the Plate…
  • • Bible Trivia Baseball
  • • Try to hit a homerun
  • • Thousands of questions
  • • Can you pull through when the bases are loaded?
  • • You choose the difficulty
Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy

Based on the Popular Game Show:
  • • Dozens of categories
  • • Hours of Bible knowledge and fun
  • • Thousands of Bible Trivia questions
  • • What is your high score?
Bible Trivia Challenge

Bible Trivia Challenge

Take 50 questions to find out your knowledge level:
  • • Top Biblical Scholar
  • • Bible Challenge Graduate
  • • Theologian
  • • Bible College Student
  • • Seminary Graduate
  • • Church Goer
Saintly Millionaire

Saintly Millionaire

Who wants to be a Saintly Millionaire?
  • • Based on the popular game show
  • • If you miss one you're out!
  • • Takes you through 15 questions
  • • 3 lifelines to help you along
  • • Play often. New questions every time!
Bible Trivia by Category

Bible Trivia by Category

Test your Bible Trivia knowledge by Category:
  • • The Whole Bible
  • • New Testament
  • • Old Testament

Bible trivia is a fun way to challenge your knowledge of the Bible and learn new facts about this ancient text. Join our Bible Trivia membership to see the high scores for total questions answered and the highest percentage of correct answers. Play any of our trivia games and try to make the top leaderboard for all members! Also, share your trivia scores with friends and family to see if they can beat your score.

Test your Bible knowledge with five unique Bible trivia games and over 5000 trivia questions. We hope these Bible trivia games help to refresh your memory of biblical events, people, geography, Christ's teachings, and more.

Pick from one of the games above to begin playing Bible trivia, or use the below trivia categories to test your knowledge of the whole Bible!

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