5 Ziklag, Beth Markaboth, Hazar Susah,

Other Translations of Joshua 19:5

King James Version

5 And Ziklag, and Bethmarcaboth, and Hazarsusah,

English Standard Version

5 Ziklag, Beth-marcaboth, Hazar-susah,

The Message

5 Ziklag, Beth Marcaboth, Hazar Susah,

New King James Version

5 Ziklag, Beth Marcaboth, Hazar Susah,

New Living Translation

5 Ziklag, Beth-marcaboth, Hazar-susah,

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Joshua 19:5

Commentary on Joshua 19:1-9

(Read Joshua 19:1-9)

The men of Judah did not oppose taking away the cities within their border, when convinced that they had more than was right. If a true believer has obtained an unintended and improper advantage in any thing, he will give it up without murmuring. Love seeketh not her own, and doth not behave unseemly; it will induce those in whom it richly dwells, to part with their own to supply what is lacking to their brethren.