15 with princes who had gold, who filled their houses with silver.

Other Translations of Job 3:15

King James Version

15 Or with princes that had gold, who filled their houses with silver:

English Standard Version

15 or with princes who had gold, who filled their houses with silver.

The Message

15 Or with princes resplendent in their gold and silver tombs.

New King James Version

15 Or with princes who had gold, Who filled their houses with silver;

New Living Translation

15 I would rest with princes, rich in gold, whose palaces were filled with silver.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 3:15

Commentary on Job 3:11-19

(Read Job 3:11-19)

Job complained of those present at his birth, for their tender attention to him. No creature comes into the world so helpless as man. God's power and providence upheld our frail lives, and his pity and patience spared our forfeited lives. Natural affection is put into parents' hearts by God. To desire to die that we may be with Christ, that we may be free from sin, is the effect and evidence of grace; but to desire to die, only that we may be delivered from the troubles of this life, savours of corruption. It is our wisdom and duty to make the best of that which is, be it living or dying; and so to live to the Lord, and die to the Lord, as in both to be his, Romans 14:8. Observe how Job describes the repose of the grave; There the wicked cease from troubling. When persecutors die, they can no longer persecute. There the weary are at rest: in the grave they rest from all their labours. And a rest from sin, temptation, conflict, sorrows, and labours, remains in the presence and enjoyment of God. There believers rest in Jesus, nay, as far as we trust in the Lord Jesus and obey him, we here find rest to our souls, though in the world we have tribulation.