13 though he cannot bear to let it go and lets it linger in his mouth,

Other Translations of Job 20:13

King James Version

13 Though he spare it, and forsake it not; but keep it still within within...: Heb. in the midst of his palate his mouth:

English Standard Version

13 though he is loath to let it go and holds it in his mouth,

The Message

13 Prolong the flavor, a dalliance in decadence - real gourmets of evil!

New King James Version

13 Though he spares it and does not forsake it, But still keeps it in his mouth,

New Living Translation

13 They savored it, holding it long in their mouths.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 20:13

Commentary on Job 20:10-22

(Read Job 20:10-22)

The miserable condition of the wicked man in this world is fully set forth. The lusts of the flesh are here called the sins of his youth. His hiding it and keeping it under his tongue, denotes concealment of his beloved lust, and delight therein. But He who knows what is in the heart, knows what is under the tongue, and will discover it. The love of the world, and of the wealth of it, also is wickedness, and man sets his heart upon these. Also violence and injustice, these sins bring God's judgments upon nations and families. Observe the punishment of the wicked man for these things. Sin is turned into gall, than which nothing is more bitter; it will prove to him poison; so will all unlawful gains be. In his fulness he shall be in straits, through the anxieties of his own mind. To be led by the sanctifying grace of God to restore what was unjustly gotten, as Zaccheus was, is a great mercy. But to be forced to restore by the horrors of a despairing conscience, as Judas was, has no benefit and comfort attending it.