11 Stay outside and let the neighbor to whom you are making the loan bring the pledge out to you.

Other Translations of Deuteronomy 24:11

King James Version

11 Thou shalt stand abroad, and the man to whom thou dost lend shall bring out the pledge abroad unto thee.

English Standard Version

11 You shall stand outside, and the man to whom you make the loan shall bring the pledge out to you.

The Message

11 Wait outside. Let the man to whom you made the pledge bring the pledge to you outside.

New King James Version

11 You shall stand outside, and the man to whom you lend shall bring the pledge out to you.

New Living Translation

11 You must wait outside while he goes in and brings it out to you.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Deuteronomy 24:11

Commentary on Deuteronomy 24:5-13

(Read Deuteronomy 24:5-13)

It is of great consequence that love be kept up between husband and wife; that they carefully avoid every thing which might make them strange one to another. Man-stealing was a capital crime, which could not be settled, as other thefts, by restitution. The laws concerning leprosy must be carefully observed. Thus all who feel their consciences under guilt and wrath, must not cover it, or endeavour to shake off their convictions; but by repentance, and prayer, and humble confession, take the way to peace and pardon. Some orders are given about pledges for money lent. This teaches us to consult the comfort and subsistence of others, as much as our own advantage. Let the poor debtor sleep in his own raiment, and praise God for thy kindness to him. Poor debtors ought to feel more than commonly they do, the goodness of creditors who do not take all the advantage of the law against them, nor should this ever be looked upon as weakness.