12 You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.

Other Translations of Song of Solomon 4:12

King James Version

12 A garden inclosed inclosed: Heb. barred is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

English Standard Version

12 A garden locked is my sister, my bride, a spring locked, a fountain sealed.

The Message

12 Dear lover and friend, you're a secret garden, a private and pure fountain.

New King James Version

12 A garden enclosed Is my sister, my spouse, A spring shut up, A fountain sealed.

New Living Translation

12 You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Song of Solomon 4:12

Commentary on Song of Solomon 4:8-15

(Read Song of Solomon 4:8-15)

Observe the gracious call Christ gives to the church. It is, 1. A precept; so this is Christ's call to his church to come off from the world. These hills seem pleasant, but there are in them lions' dens; they are mountains of the leopards. 2. As a promise; many shall be brought as members of the church, from every point. The church shall be delivered from her persecutors in due time, though now she dwells among lions, John 4:14; 7:38, the influences of the Holy Spirit. The world knows not these wells of salvation, nor can any opposer corrupt this fountain. Saints in the church, and graces in the saints, are fitly compared to fruits and spices. They are planted, and do not grow of themselves. They are precious; they are the blessings of this earth. They will be kept to good purpose when flowers are withered. Grace, when ended in glory, will last for ever. Christ is the source which makes these gardens fruitful; even a well of living waters.