25 Now, however, I am on my way to Jerusalem in the service of the Lord's people there.

Other Translations of Romans 15:25

King James Version

25 But now I go unto Jerusalem to minister unto the saints.

English Standard Version

25 At present, however, I am going to Jerusalem bringing aid to the saints.

The Message

25 First, though, I'm going to Jerusalem to deliver a relief offering to the Christians there.

New King James Version

25 But now I am going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints.

New Living Translation

25 But before I come, I must go to Jerusalem to take a gift to the believers there.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Romans 15:25

Commentary on Romans 15:22-29

(Read Romans 15:22-29)

The apostle sought the things of Christ more than his own will, and would not leave his work of planting churches to go to Rome. It concerns all to do that first which is most needful. We must not take it ill if our friends prefer work which is pleasing to God, before visits and compliments, which may please us. It is justly expected from all Christians, that they should promote every good work, especially that blessed work, the conversion of souls. Christian society is a heaven upon earth, an earnest of our gathering together unto Christ at the great day. Yet it is but partial, compared with our communion with Christ; for that only will satisfy the soul. The apostle was going to Jerusalem, as the messenger of charity. God loves a cheerful giver. Every thing that passes between Christians should be a proof and instance of the union they have in Jesus Christ. The Gentiles received the gospel of salvation from the Jews; therefore were bound to minister to them in what was needed for the body. Concerning what he expected from them he speaks doubtfully; but concerning what he expected from God he speaks confidently. We cannot expect too little from man, nor too much from God. And how delightful and advantageous it is to have the gospel with the fulness of its blessings! What wonderful and happy effects does it produce, when attended with the power of the Spirit!