A Prayer for Vindication

71 [1][2]Lord my God, I take refuge in you; save and deliver me from all who pursue me,

Other Translations of Psalm 7:1

King James Version

A Prayer for Vindication

71 O Lord my God, in thee do I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me:

English Standard Version

A Prayer for Vindication

71 O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers and deliver me,

The Message

A Prayer for Vindication

71 God! God! I am running to you for dear life; the chase is wild.

New King James Version

A Prayer for Vindication

71 A Meditation of David, which he sang to the Lord concerning the words of Cush, a Benjamite. O Lord my God, in You I put my trust; Save me from all those who persecute me; And deliver me,

New Living Translation

A Prayer for Vindication

71 I come to you for protection, O Lord my God. Save me from my persecutors-rescue me!

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Psalm 7:1

Commentary on Psalm 7:1-9

(Read Psalm 7:1-9)

David flees to God for succour. But Christ alone could call on Heaven to attest his uprightness in all things. All His works were wrought in righteousness; and the prince of this world found nothing whereof justly to accuse him. Yet for our sakes, submitting to be charged as guilty, he suffered all evils, but, being innocent, he triumphed over them all. The plea is, "For the righteous God trieth the hearts and the reins." He knows the secret wickedness of the wicked, and how to bring it to an end; he is witness to the secret sincerity of the just, and has ways of establishing it. When a man has made peace with God about all his sins, upon the terms of grace and mercy, through the sacrifice of the Mediator, he may, in comparison with his enemies, appeal to God's justice to decide.