19 He has revealed his word to Jacob, his laws and decrees to Israel.

Other Translations of Psalm 147:19

King James Version

19 He sheweth his word his word: Heb. his words unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel.

English Standard Version

19 He declares his word to Jacob, his statutes and rulesOr and just decrees to Israel.

The Message

19 He speaks the same way to Jacob, speaks words that work to Israel.

New King James Version

19 He declares His word to Jacob, His statutes and His judgments to Israel.

New Living Translation

19 He has revealed his words to Jacob, his decrees and regulations to Israel.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Psalm 147:19

Commentary on Psalm 147:12-20

(Read Psalm 147:12-20)

The church, like Jerusalem of old, built up and preserved by the wisdom, power, and goodness of God, is exhorted to praise him for all the benefits and blessings vouchsafed to her; and these are represented by his favours in the course of nature. The thawing word may represent the gospel of Christ, and the thawing wind the Spirit of Christ; for the Spirit is compared to the wind, John 3:8. Converting grace softens the heart that was hard frozen, and melts it into tears of repentance, and makes good reflections to flow, which before were chilled and stopped up. The change which the thaw makes is very evident, yet how it is done no one can say. Such is the change wrought in the conversion of a soul, when God's word and Spirit are sent to melt it and restore it to itself.