48 The Lord had said to Moses:

Other Translations of Numbers 1:48

King James Version

48 For the Lord had spoken unto Moses, saying,

English Standard Version

48 For the Lord spoke to Moses, saying,

The Message

48 God had told Moses,

New King James Version

48 for the Lord had spoken to Moses, saying:

New Living Translation

48 For the Lord had said to Moses,

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Numbers 1:48

Commentary on Numbers 1:47-54

(Read Numbers 1:47-54)

Care is here taken to distinguish the tribe of Levi, which, in the matter of the golden calf, had distinguished itself. Singular services shall be recompensed by singular honours. It was to the honour of the Levites, that to them was committed the care of the tabernacle and its treasures, in their camps and in their marches. It was for the honour of the holy things that none should see them, or touch them, but those who were called of God to the service. We all are unfit and unworthy to have fellowship with God, till called by his grace into the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and so, being the spiritual seed of that great High Priest, we are made priests to our God. Great care must be taken to prevent sin, for preventing sin is preventing wrath. Being a holy tribe, they were not reckoned among other Israelites. They that minister about holy things, should neither entangle themselves, nor be entangled, in worldly affairs. And let every believer seek to do what the Lord has commanded.