4 " 'These are the Lord's appointed festivals, the sacred assemblies you are to proclaim at their appointed times:

Other Translations of Leviticus 23:4

King James Version

4 These are the feasts of the Lord, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons.

English Standard Version

4 "These are the appointed feasts of the Lord, the holy convocations, which you shall proclaim at the time appointed for them

The Message

4 "These are the appointed feasts of God, the sacred assemblies which you are to announce at the times set for them

New King James Version

4 'These are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times

New Living Translation

4 "In addition to the Sabbath, these are the Lord 's appointed festivals, the official days for holy assembly that are to be celebrated at their proper times each year.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Leviticus 23:4

Commentary on Leviticus 23:4-14

(Read Leviticus 23:4-14)

The feast of the Passover was to continue seven days; not idle days, spent in sport, as many that are called Christians spend their holy-days. Offerings were made to the Lord at his altar; and the people were taught to employ their time in prayer, and praise, and godly meditation. The sheaf of first-fruits was typical of the Lord Jesus, who is risen from the dead as the First-fruits of them that slept. Our Lord Jesus rose from the dead on the very day that the first-fruits were offered. We are taught by this law to honour the Lord with our substance, and with the first-fruits of all our increase, Proverbs 3:9. They were not to eat of their new corn, till God's part was offered to him out of it; and we must always begin with God: begin every day with him, begin every meal with him, begin every affair and business with him; seek first the kingdom of God.