13 Who appointed him over the earth? Who put him in charge of the whole world?

Other Translations of Job 34:13

King James Version

13 Who hath given him a charge over the earth? or who hath disposed the whole world?

English Standard Version

13 Who gave him charge over the earth, and who laid on himHebrew lacks on him the whole world?

The Message

13 He's the one who runs the earth! He cradles the whole world in his hand!

New King James Version

13 Who gave Him charge over the earth? Or who appointed Him over the whole world?

New Living Translation

13 Did someone else put the world in his care? Who set the whole world in place?

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 34:13

Commentary on Job 34:10-15

(Read Job 34:10-15)

Elihu had showed Job, that God meant him no hurt by afflicting him, but intended his spiritual benefit. Here he shows, that God did him no wrong by afflicting him. If the former did not satisfy him, this ought to silence him. God cannot do wickedness, nor the Almighty commit wrong. If services now go unrewarded, and sins now go unpunished, yet there is a day coming, when God will fully render to every man according to his works. Further, though the believer's final condemnation is done away through the Saviour's ransom, yet he has merited worse than any outward afflictions; so that no wrong is done to him, however he may be tried.