22 who are filled with gladness and rejoice when they reach the grave?

Other Translations of Job 3:22

King James Version

22 Which rejoice exceedingly, and are glad, when they can find the grave?

English Standard Version

22 who rejoice exceedingly and are glad when they find the grave?

The Message

22 Who count the day of their death and burial the happiest day of their life?

New King James Version

22 Who rejoice exceedingly, And are glad when they can find the grave?

New Living Translation

22 They're filled with joy when they finally die, and rejoice when they find the grave.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 3:22

Commentary on Job 3:20-26

(Read Job 3:20-26)

Job was like a man who had lost his way, and had no prospect of escape, or hope of better times. But surely he was in an ill frame for death when so unwilling to live. Let it be our constant care to get ready for another world, and then leave it to God to order our removal thither as he thinks fit. Grace teaches us in the midst of life's greatest comforts, to be willing to die, and in the midst of its greatest crosses, to be willing to live. Job's way was hid; he knew not wherefore God contended with him. The afflicted and tempted Christian knows something of this heaviness; when he has been looking too much at the things that are seen, some chastisement of his heavenly Father will give him a taste of this disgust of life, and a glance at these dark regions of despair. Nor is there any help until God shall restore to him the joys of his salvation. Blessed be God, the earth is full of his goodness, though full of man's wickedness. This life may be made tolerable if we attend to our duty. We look for eternal mercy, if willing to receive Christ as our Saviour.