3 My mountain in the land and your[1] wealth and all your treasures I will give away as plunder, together with your high places, because of sin throughout your country.

Other Translations of Jeremiah 17:3

King James Version

3 O my mountain in the field, I will give thy substance and all thy treasures to the spoil, and thy high places for sin, throughout all thy borders.

English Standard Version

3 on the mountains in the open country. Your wealth and all your treasures I will give for spoil as the price of your high places for sin throughout all your territory.

The Message

3 "I'll use your mountains as roadside stands for giving away everything you have. All your 'things' will serve as reparations for your sins all over the country.

New King James Version

3 O My mountain in the field, I will give as plunder your wealth, all your treasures, And your high places of sin within all your borders.

New Living Translation

3 So I will hand over my holy mountain- along with all your wealth and treasures and your pagan shrines- as plunder to your enemies, for sin runs rampant in your land.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Jeremiah 17:3

Commentary on Jeremiah 17:1-4

(Read Jeremiah 17:1-4)

The sins which men commit make little impression on their minds, yet every sin is marked in the book of God; they are all so graven upon the table of the heart, that they will all be remembered by the conscience. That which is graven in the heart will become plain in the life; men's actions show the desires and purposes of their hearts. What need we have to humble ourselves before God, who are so vile in his sight! How should we depend on his mercy and grace, begging of God to search and prove us; not to suffer us to be deceived by our own hearts, but to create in us a clean and holy nature by his Spirit!