6 Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded them.

Other Translations of Exodus 7:6

King James Version

6 And Moses and Aaron did as the Lord commanded them, so did they.

English Standard Version

6 Moses and Aaron did so; they did just as the Lord commanded them.

The Message

6 Moses and Aaron did exactly what God commanded.

New King James Version

6 Then Moses and Aaron did so; just as the Lord commanded them, so they did.

New Living Translation

6 So Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord had commanded them.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Exodus 7:6

Commentary on Exodus 7:1-7

(Read Exodus 7:1-7)

God glorifies himself. He makes people know that he is Jehovah. Israel is made to know it by the performance of his promises to them, and the Egyptians by the pouring out of his wrath upon them. Moses, as the ambassador of Jehovah, speaking in his name, laid commands upon Pharaoh, denounced threatenings against him, and called for judgments upon him. Pharaoh, proud and great as he was, could not resist. Moses stood not in awe of Pharaoh, but made him tremble. This seems to be meant in the words, Thou shalt be a god unto Pharaoh. At length Moses is delivered from his fears. He makes no more objections, but, being strengthened in faith, goes about his work with courage, and proceeds in it with perseverance.