10 They were also King Solomon's chief officials-two hundred and fifty officials supervising the men.

Other Translations of 2 Chronicles 8:10

King James Version

10 And these were the chief of king Solomon's officers, even two hundred and fifty, that bare rule over the people.

English Standard Version

10 And these were the chief officers of King Solomon, 250, who exercised authority over the people.

The Message

10 They were also the project managers responsible for Solomon's building operations - 250 in all in charge of the workforce.

New King James Version

10 And others were chiefs of the officials of King Solomon: two hundred and fifty, who ruled over the people.

New Living Translation

10 King Solomon appointed 250 of them to supervise the people.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 2 Chronicles 8:10

Chapter Contents

Solomon's buildings and trade.

It sometimes requires more wisdom and resolution to govern a family in the fear of God, than to govern a kingdom with reputation. The difficulty is increased, when a man has a hinderance instead of a help meet in the wife of his bosom. Solomon kept up the holy sacrifices, according to the law of Moses. In vain had the altar been built, in vain had fire come down from heaven, if sacrifices had not been constantly brought. Spiritual sacrifices are required of us, which we are to bring daily and weekly; it is good to be in a settled method of devotion. When the service of the temple was put into good order, it is said, The house of the Lord was perfected. The work was the main matter, not the place; the temple was unfinished till all this was done. Canaan was a rich country, and yet must send to Ophir for gold The Israelites were a wise people, but must be beholden to the king of Tyre for men that had knowledge of the seas. Grace, and not gold, is the best riches, and acquaintance with God and his law, the best knowledge. Leaving the children of this world to scramble for the toys of this world, may we, as the children of God, lay up our treasure in heaven, that where our treasure is, our hearts also may be.