Why should we try to understand the Trinity?

Sam Allberry

Christianity.com: Why should we try to understand the Trinity? - Sam Allberry from christianitydotcom2 on GodTube.

Understanding the Trinity

As transcribed in the video above, Sam Allberry discusses why we should try to understand the trinity.

Let me give you a couple of reasons why we should try to understand the Trinity. God has shown us that he is one God in three persons, God has given us that insight for us to know and to understand. Anything God tells us about himself will have practical relevance and application for us as his people, we are made in his image, we live in his creation. The more we understand about him, the more we'll understand about ourselves and the world in which we live. So, a small insight about God can lead to a very big insight about us. 

And, when it comes to something as central and essential to who God is as the Trinity, that must be significant, that must inform how we view him, how we view our lives, living with him. So, the fact that God has revealed it to us means that we are to think about it, to try to understand it, to see what he's said and what that means, rather than just ignore it.

If I was to tell you something very personal about myself that gets to the heart of who I am, and then you were to totally ignore that, it would be rather strange, I've told you that so that you can know me better because of it. And actually, it helps us to get to know God authentically when we understand that he is Trinity. 


Originally published February 04, 2013.