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What are the Biblical roles for husbands and wives?

Learn to understand the uniqueness and greatness of Biblical roles.
  • Chuck Betters MARK INC Ministries
  • 2009 9 Feb
What are the Biblical roles for husbands and wives?

After 38 years of marriage, Sharon and I are still learning how to live out God’s commands on marriage! How do I love her as Christ loves the church? I am willing to physically die for her but dying to myself every day is what Christ requires and my wife desires. Sharon is called on to respect and honor me, to submit to my leadership as her protector and provider. Sharon is a strong, gifted woman and it’s my responsibility to make sure she has the freedom to use her gifts to build God’s kingdom. Although it is much easier now because of the habits of grace God is growing in us, there are times when we must step back and resolve conflicts and differences in the context of those roles. Study Ephesians 5 together and especially note verse 21: “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” A marriage that lives out this command will reflect redemption.

Answer taken from Priorities that Define Strong Marriages by Chuck Betters and used by permission of Mark Inc. Click here to read the article in its entirety