A Prayer for Restoration

801 Shepherd of Israel, give ear, Leading Joseph as a flock, Inhabiting the cherubs—shine forth, 2 Before Ephraim, and Benjamin, and Manasseh, Wake up Thy might, and come for our salvation. 3 O God, cause us to turn back, And cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved. 4 Jehovah, God of Hosts, till when? Thou hast burned against the prayer of Thy people. 5 Thou hast caused them to eat bread of tears, And causest them to drink With tears a third time. 6 Thou makest us a strife to our neighbors, And our enemies mock at it. 7 God of Hosts, turn us back, And cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved.

8 A vine out of Egypt Thou dost bring, Thou dost cast out nations, and plantest it. 9 Thou hast looked before it, and dost root it, And it filleth the land, 10 Covered have been hills 'with' its shadow, And its boughs 'are' cedars of God. 11 It sendeth forth its branches unto the sea, And unto the river its sucklings. 12 Why hast Thou broken down its hedges, And all passing by the way have plucked it? 13 A boar out of the forest doth waste it, And a wild beast of the fields consumeth it. 14 God of Hosts, turn back, we beseech Thee, Look from heaven, and see, and inspect this vine, 15 And the root that Thy right hand planted, And the branch Thou madest strong for Thee, 16 Burnt with fire—cut down, From the rebuke of Thy face they perish. 17 Let Thy hand be on the man of Thy right hand, On the son of man Thou hast strengthened for Thyself. 18 And we do not go back from Thee, Thou dost revive us, and in Thy name we call. 19 O Jehovah, God of Hosts, turn us back, Cause Thy face to shine, and we are saved!