God's Goodness and Israel's Waywardness

811 To the Overseer.—'On the Gittith.' By Asaph. Cry aloud to God our strength, Shout to the God of Jacob. 2 Lift up a song, and give out a timbrel, A pleasant harp with psaltery. 3 Blow in the month a trumpet, In the new moon, at the day of our festival, 4 For a statute to Israel it 'is', An ordinance of the God of Jacob. 5 A testimony on Joseph He hath placed it, In his going forth over the land of Egypt. A lip, I have not known—I hear. 6 From the burden his shoulder I turned aside, His hands from the basket pass over. 7 In distress thou hast called and I deliver thee, I answer thee in the secret place of thunder, I try thee by the waters of Meribah. Selah.

8 Hear, O My people, and I testify to thee, O Israel, if thou dost hearken to me: 9 There is not in thee a strange god, And thou bowest not thyself to a strange god. 10 I 'am' Jehovah thy God, Who bringeth thee up out of the land of Egypt. Enlarge thy mouth, and I fill it. 11 But, My people hearkened not to My voice, And Israel hath not consented to Me. 12 And I send them away in the enmity of their heart, They walk in their own counsels. 13 O that My people were hearkening to Me, Israel in My ways would walk. 14 As a little thing their enemies I cause to bow, And against their adversaries I turn back My hand, 15 Those hating Jehovah feign obedience to Him, But their time is—to the age. 16 He causeth him to eat of the fat of wheat, And 'with' honey from a rock I satisfy thee!