131 This third time do I come unto you; on the mouth of two witnesses or three shall every saying be established; 2 I have said before, and I say 'it' before, as being present, the second time, and being absent, now, do I write to those having sinned before, and to all the rest, that if I come again, I will not spare, 3 since a proof ye seek of the Christ speaking in me, who to you is not infirm, but is powerful in you, 4 for even if he was crucified from infirmity, yet he doth live from the power of God; for we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him from the power of God toward you. 5 Your ownselves try ye, if ye are in the faith; your ownselves prove ye; do ye not know your ownselves, that Jesus Christ is in you, if ye be not in some respect disapproved of? 6 and I hope that ye shall know that we—we are not disapproved of;

7 and I pray before God that ye do no evil, not that we may appear approved, but that ye may do that which is right, and we may be as disapproved; 8 for we are not able to do anything against the truth, but for the truth; 9 for we rejoice when we may be infirm, and ye may be powerful; and this also we pray for—your perfection! 10 because of this, these things—being absent—I write, that being present, I may not treat 'any' sharply, according to the authority that the Lord did give me for building up, and not for casting down.

Final Greetings

11 Henceforth, brethren, rejoice; be made perfect, be comforted, be of the same mind, be at peace, and the God of the love and peace shall be with you; 12 salute one another in an holy kiss; 13 salute you do all the saints; 14 the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, 'is' with you all! Amen.