Acts 21:1-17 New American Standard Bible

Paul's Journey to Jerusalem

21 1  When we had parted from them and had set sail , we ran a straight course to Cos and the next day to Rhodes and from there to Patara ; 2  and having found a ship crossing over to Phoenicia , we went aboard and set sail . 3  When we came in sight of Cyprus , leaving it on the left , we kept sailing to Syria and landed at Tyre ; for there the ship was to unload its cargo . 4  After looking up the disciples , we stayed there seven days ; and they kept telling Paul through the Spirit not to set foot in Jerusalem . 5  When our days there were ended , we left and started on our journey , while they all , with wives and children , escorted us until we were out of the city . After kneeling e down e on the beach and praying , we said farewell to one another . 6  Then we went on board the ship , and they returned home again. 7  When we had finished the voyage from Tyre , we arrived at Ptolemais , and after greeting the brethren , we stayed with them for a day .

8  On the next day we left and came to Caesarea , and entering the house of Philip the evangelist , who was one of the seven , we stayed with him. 9  Now this man had four virgin daughters who were prophetesses . 10  As we were staying there for some days , a prophet named Agabus came down from Judea . 11  And coming to us, he took Paul's belt and bound his own feet and hands , and said , "This is what the Holy Spirit says : 'In this way the Jews at Jerusalem will bind the man who owns this belt and deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles .' " 12  When we had heard this , we as well as the local residents began begging him not to go up to Jerusalem . 13  Then Paul answered , "What are you doing , weeping and breaking my heart ? For I am ready not only to be bound , but even to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus ." 14  And since he would not be persuaded , we fell silent , remarking , " The will of the Lord be done !"

15  After these days we got ready and started on our way up to Jerusalem . 16  Some of the disciples from Caesarea also came with us, taking us to Mnason of Cyprus , a disciple of long standing with whom we were to lodge .

Paul Arrested in the Temple

17  After we arrived in Jerusalem , the brethren received us gladly .

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