A Prayer for Vindication and Deliverance

431 Judge me, O God, And plead my cause against a nation not pious, From a man of deceit and perverseness Thou dost deliver me, 2 For thou 'art' the God of my strength. Why hast Thou cast me off? Why mourning do I go up and down, In the oppression of an enemy? 3 Send forth Thy light and Thy truth, They—they lead me, they bring me in, Unto Thy holy hill, and unto Thy tabernacles. 4 And I go in unto the altar of God, Unto God, the joy of my rejoicing. And I thank Thee with a harp, O God, my God. 5 What! bowest thou thyself, O my soul? And what! art thou troubled within me? Wait for God, for still I confess Him, The salvation of my countenance, and my God!

Former Deliverances and Present Troubles

441 To the Overseer.—By sons of Korah. An Instruction. O God, with our ears we have heard, Our fathers have recounted to us, The work Thou didst work in their days, In the days of old. 2 Thou, 'with' Thy hand, nations hast dispossessed. And Thou dost plant them. Thou afflictest peoples, and sendest them away. 3 For, not by their sword Possessed they the land, And their arm gave not salvation to them, But Thy right hand, and Thine arm, And the light of Thy countenance, Because Thou hadst accepted them. 4 Thou 'art' He, my king, O God, Command the deliverances of Jacob. 5 By Thee our adversaries we do push, By Thy name tread down our withstanders, 6 For, not in my bow do I trust, And my sword doth not save me. 7 For Thou hast saved us from our adversaries, And those hating us Thou hast put to shame. 8 In God we have boasted all the day, And Thy name to the age we thank. Selah.

9 In anger Thou hast cast off and causest us to blush, And goest not forth with our hosts. 10 Thou causest us to turn backward from an adversary, And those hating us, Have spoiled for themselves. 11 Thou makest us food like sheep, And among nations Thou hast scattered us. 12 Thou sellest Thy people—without wealth, And hast not become great by their price. 13 Thou makest us a reproach to our neighbours, A scorn and a reproach to our surrounders. 14 Thou makest us a simile among nations, A shaking of the head among peoples. 15 All the day my confusion 'is' before me, And the shame of my face hath covered me. 16 Because of the voice of a reproacher and reviler, Because of an enemy and a self-avenger.

17 All this met us, and we did not forget Thee, Nor have we dealt falsely in Thy covenant. 18 We turn not backward our heart, Nor turn aside doth our step from Thy path. 19 But Thou hast smitten us in a place of dragons, And dost cover us over with death-shade. 20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, And spread our hands to a strange God, 21 Doth not God search out this? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart. 22 Surely, for Thy sake we have been slain all the day, Reckoned as sheep of the slaughter. 23 Stir up—why dost Thou sleep, O Lord? Awake, cast us not off for ever. 24 Why Thy face hidest Thou? Thou forgettest our afflictions and our oppression, 25 For bowed to the dust hath our soul, Cleaved to the earth hath our belly. 26 Arise, a help to us, And ransom us for thy kindness' sake.

A Song for the King's Marriage

451 To the Overseer.—'On the Lilies.'—By sons of Korah.—An Instruction.—A song of loves. My heart hath indited a good thing, I am telling my works to a king, My tongue 'is' the pen of a speedy writer. 2 Thou hast been beautified above the sons of men, Grace hath been poured into thy lips, Therefore hath God blessed thee to the age. 3 Gird Thy sword upon the thigh, O mighty, Thy glory and Thy majesty! 4 As to Thy majesty—prosper!—ride! Because of truth, and meekness—righteousness, And Thy right hand showeth Thee fearful things. 5 Thine arrows 'are' sharp,—Peoples fall under Thee—In the heart of the enemies of the king.

6 Thy throne, O God, 'is' age-during, and for ever, A sceptre of uprightness 'Is' the sceptre of Thy kingdom. 7 Thou hast loved righteousness and hatest wickedness, Therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee, Oil of joy above thy companions. 8 Myrrh and aloes, cassia! all thy garments, Out of palaces of ivory Stringed instruments have made thee glad. 9 Daughters of kings 'are' among thy precious ones, A queen hath stood at thy right hand, In pure gold of Ophir.

10 Hearken, O daughter, and see, incline thine ear, And forget thy people, and thy father's house, 11 And the king doth desire thy beauty, Because he 'is' thy lord—bow thyself to him, 12 And the daughter of Tyre with a present, The rich of the people do appease thy face. 13 All glory 'is' the daughter of the king within, Of gold-embroidered work 'is' her clothing. 14 In divers colours she is brought to the king, Virgins—after her—her companions, Are brought to thee. 15 They are brought with joy and gladness, They come into the palace of the king. 16 Instead of thy fathers are thy sons, Thou dost appoint them for princes in all the earth. 17 I make mention of Thy name in all generations, Therefore do peoples praise Thee, To the age, and for ever!

The Folly of Trusting in Riches

491 Hear this, all ye peoples, Give ear, all ye inhabitants of the world. 2 Both low and high, together rich and needy. 3 My mouth speaketh wise things, And the meditations of my heart 'are' things of understanding. 4 I incline to a simile mine ear, I open with a harp my riddle: 5 Why do I fear in days of evil? The iniquity of my supplanters doth compass me.

6 Those trusting on their wealth, And in the multitude of their riches, Do shew themselves foolish. 7 A brother doth no one at all ransom, He doth not give to God his atonement. 8 And precious 'is' the redemption of their soul, And it hath ceased—to the age. 9 And still he liveth for ever, He seeth not the pit. 10 For he seeth wise men die, Together the foolish and brutish perish, And have left to others their wealth. 11 Their heart 'is': Their houses 'are' to the age, Their tabernacles to all generations. They proclaimed their names over the lands. 12 And man in honour doth not remain, He hath been like the beasts, they have been cut off. 13 This their way 'is' folly for them, And their posterity with their sayings are pleased. Selah. 14 As sheep for Sheol they have set themselves, Death doth afflict them, And the upright rule over them in the morning, And their form 'is' for consumption. Sheol 'is' a dwelling for him.

15 Only, God doth ransom my soul from the hand of Sheol, For He doth receive me. Selah. 16 Fear not, when one maketh wealth, When the honour of his house is abundant, 17 For at his death he receiveth nothing, His honour goeth not down after him. 18 For his soul in his life he blesseth, (And they praise thee when thou dost well for thyself.) 19 It cometh to the generation of his fathers, For ever they see not the light. 20 Man in honour, who understandest not, Hath been like the beasts, they have been cut off!

Longing for God's House

841 How beloved Thy tabernacles, Jehovah of Hosts! 2 My soul desired, yea, it hath also been consumed, For the courts of Jehovah, My heart and my flesh cry aloud unto the living God, 3 (Even a sparrow hath found a house, And a swallow a nest for herself, Where she hath placed her brood,) Thine altars, O Jehovah of Hosts, My king and my God. 4 O the happiness of those inhabiting Thy house, Yet do they praise Thee. Selah. 5 O the happiness of a man whose strength is in Thee, Highways 'are' in their heart. 6 Those passing through a valley of weeping, A fountain do make it, Blessings also cover the director. 7 They go from strength unto strength, He appeareth unto God in Zion.

8 O Jehovah, God of Hosts, hear my prayer, Give ear, O God of Jacob. Selah. 9 Our shield, see, O God, And behold the face of Thine anointed, 10 For good 'is' a day in Thy courts, O Teacher! I have chosen rather to be at the threshold, In the house of my God, Than to dwell in tents of wickedness. 11 For a sun and a shield 'is' Jehovah God, Grace and honour doth Jehovah give. He withholdeth not good To those walking in uprightness. 12 Jehovah of Hosts! O the happiness of a man trusting in Thee.

A Prayer for God's Mercy on Israel

851 Thou hast accepted, O Jehovah, Thy land, Thou hast turned 'to' the captivity of Jacob. 2 Thou hast borne away the iniquity of Thy people, Thou hast covered all their sin. Selah. 3 Thou hast gathered up all Thy wrath, Thou hast turned back from the fierceness of Thine anger. 4 Turn back 'to' us, O God of our salvation, And make void Thine anger with us. 5 To the age art Thou angry against us? Dost Thou draw out Thine anger To generation and generation? 6 Dost Thou not turn back? Thou revivest us, And Thy people do rejoice in Thee. 7 Show us, O Jehovah, thy kindness, And Thy salvation Thou dost give to us.

8 I hear what God Jehovah speaketh, For He speaketh peace unto His people, And unto His saints, and they turn not back to folly. 9 Only, near to those fearing Him 'is' His salvation, That honour may dwell in our land. 10 Kindness and truth have met, Righteousness and peace have kissed, 11 Truth from the earth springeth up, And righteousness from heaven looketh out, 12 Jehovah also giveth that which is good, And our land doth give its increase. 13 Righteousness before Him goeth, And maketh His footsteps for a way!

The Privileges of Dwelling in Zion

871 His foundation 'is' in holy mountains. 2 Jehovah is loving the gates of Zion Above all the tabernacles of Jacob. 3 Honourable things are spoken in Thee, O city of God. Selah.

4 I mention Rahab and Babel to those knowing Me, Lo, Philistia, and Tyre, with Cush! This 'one' was born there. 5 And of Zion it is said: Each one was born in her, And He, the Most High, doth establish her. 6 Jehovah doth recount in the describing of the peoples, 'This 'one' was born there.' Selah. 7 Singers also as players on instruments, All my fountains 'are' in Thee!