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The First Christmas Began with... Pain?

Jack Graham

What a scandal. . . A respected local carpenter is engaged to a young peasant woman when all of a sudden, she turns up pregnant! I bet the town of Nazareth was teeming with rumors of Mary’s love affair and questions about the identity of the father of the child. And can you imagine the looks Joseph would’ve been getting on the streets for being rumored as the possible father of this illegitimate child while at the same time knowing that it wasn't him?

The only way Joseph could’ve maintained his good name would have been to break off his engagement with Mary. And for Mary, this would have essentially meant being kicked out of her family and her hometown.

But God was in control. He knew that the accusations would come. He knew the anguish and heartbreak it would cause Joseph thinking Mary was an adulteress after she tried to convince him over and over that she wasn’t. And he knew the stigma that would be attached to this family by many who didn't believe Jesus was the Son of God. So in the midst of the chaos, God sent an angel to assure Joseph that Mary was telling the truth.

The first Christmas began not with joy, but with heartbreak and anguish. Yet in the midst of the chaos, God brought order. Whatever difficulties you may be going through today, God is the only one who can bring order to your chaos. So trust fully in him to bring you through the hard times you face.

Taken from “Trusting God to Bring Order from Your Chaos” by Power Point Ministries (used by permission).

Originally published December 20, 2010.