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Birthdays on September 12

Alexander Campbell (1788 to 1866)
Disciples of Christ
Alexander's restorations.

Alexander Campbell was born in Ballymena, Ireland. He and his father Thomas Campbell, emigrated to America in 1809. Originally associated with the Baptists, they grew increasingly concerned over the loss of many practices instituted by the early church. By 1827, they had developed a restoration movement which became the Disciples of Christ. Not only did they give the New Testament higher authority than the Old, but "baptismal regeneration" became one of their main tenets of theology. They now have over a million members in some 4,000 churches in the United States.

Johann Jakob Herzog (1805 to 1882)
Reformed Church
Encyclopedist of religion.

Birth of Johann Jakob Herzog, German Reformed theologian. He taught at the universities of Lausanne, Halle and Erlangen from 1835-1877. Herzog is best-known for his work on the famous German encyclopedia which was re-edited and translated to become the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.

George Duffield (1818 to 1888)
A dying moment summed up in song.

George Duffield, Jr. was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Ordained a Presbyterian in 1840, he dedicated himself to building up small congregations, ministering for 44 years in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Michigan. In 1858 he composed the words of the hymn "Stand up, Stand up for Jesus." The story behind the hymn concerns his close friend, Dudley A. Ting, an Episcopal minister, who died as the result of an accident on the family farm. In his last moments, he said to his father, "Stand up for Jesus, father, stand up for Jesus. And tell my brethren of the ministry wherever you meet them, to stand up for Jesus!" The following Sunday, as George Duffield preached on Ephesians 6:14 in Temple Presbyterian Church, he used the last two verses of the song as an exhortation.

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