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Birthdays on August 27

William Pettinghill (1866 to 1950)
Keep Looking up.

Birth of William Pettinghill. He received only a fourth grade education. Although he was saved at thirteen, he did not begin serious Bible study until a decade later, after his first encounter with C.I. Scofield. From that point on, Pettingill commenced a determined study of the Holy writ and moved into Bible teaching and pastoring. In 1913, he Co-founded Philadelphia College of the Bible. In addition to stimulating students with his vivid visualizations of the word and his hearty laugh, Pettingill wrote widely. He also served on the Council of the Central American Mission and was a staunch supporter of the Fundamentalist movement. From 1928 to 1950 Dr. Pettingill traveled across North and Central American and to Europe, sharing his gift of stirring people to action from the Word. "Keep looking up," was his motto, and it became a challenge to many.

Lloyd C. Douglas (1877 to 1951)
His Magnificent Obsession Was Telling Bible Stories as Novels.

Lloyd C. Douglas was born in Columbia City, Indiana. Ordained a Lutheran minister in 1903, Douglas pastored in several states and in Canada. He published his first novel in 1929, Magnificent Obsession. Later bestsellers included The Robe and The Big Fisherman.


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