Birthdays on August 21

Alexander Robert Reinagle (1799 to 1877)
Church of England
He Set "How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds" to Music.

Alexander Robert Reinagle was born in Brighton, England. He became a church organist and composed many hymn tunes, such as that to which we sing "In Christ there Is no East nor West" and "How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds."

Frederick Cook Atkinson (1841 to 1896)
Church of England
Chorister and Composer.

Birth of Frederick Cook Atkinson. This Anglican chorister and composer gave us the music to which we sing "Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart."

George Grenfell (1849 to 1906)
Born for Africa.

George Grenfell was born this day. He became a pioneer missionary in Africa.


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