Birthdays on July 30

William Jones (1726 to 1800)
Church of England
Defender of Three in One.

Birth of William Jones. He became an Anglican clergyman and sought to keep alive high church traditions (formal and ritual traditions from Roman Catholic days) among Anglicans. In 1756 he published The Catholic Doctrine of the Trinity, in which he sought to prove from scripture that belief in the Trinity is not merely tradition but a clear teaching. He also wrote The Scholar Armed against the Errors of the Time.

Charles P. T. Chiniquy (1809 to 1889)
He Gave Reasons for Leaving the Priesthood.

Charles P. T. Chiniquy was born at Kamouraska, Canada. In 1833 he was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. During his seminary days he was unpopular with his classmates, although respected, because of his stand against the use of alcohol. In 1847 he left a monastery because of hypocrisy he detected. In 1852 he arrived in Kankakee Illinois and began a new work, but five years later was excommunicated by his bishop, a move which stunned his congregation who saw in him a priest more diligent and holy than most. Abraham Lincoln was his lawyer in the trial that followed but Chiniquy was dismissed from the priesthood. However, new fields opened to him at once, for he was converted to Protestant beliefs and soon in widespread demand as a speaker. In Quebec in 1884, he was attacked by a mob and seriously injured. Three years later he published Fifty Years in the Church of Rome which enjoyed 43 editions.


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