Birthdays on July 23

William Ralph Featherstone (1846 to 1873)
Written before He Was Sixteen!

William Ralph Featherstone was born in Montreal Canada. Before he was sixteen, he wrote the hymn "My Jesus, I Love Thee," but little else is known of him.

William Washington McConnell (1860 to 1910)
First from His Organization

Birth of William Washington McConnell who became the first missionary sent out by Central American Mission after its founding. He arrived in Costa Rica in February, 1891.

Odilon Vansteenberghe (1887 to )
Motivated by Disgust

Odilon Vansteenberghe was born in West Flanders. Disgusted at the empty ritual and political contrivances he observed in the Roman Catholic churches he attended, he turned away from religion altogether. Wounded in World war I, he was recovering in England when he heard the living gospel from a nurse. The Bible so thrilled his soul that he never turned back. Impressed by the mission work done by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Norton, he joined the Belgium Gospel Mission and became one of its influential leaders.


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