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Birthdays on July 12

Thomas Guthrie (1803 to 1873)
Ragged Schools

Birth of Thomas Guthrie in Scotland. Becoming a Free Church pastor, he grew concerned for neglected children and organized The Ragged Schools. These gave poor children secular and vocational training and taught the gospel. He wrote a tribute to the Bible.

Peter Dyneka (1898 to 2000)
Born to Be Dynamite

Peter Deyneka was born in Russia. Having traveled to the US for work, he was converted in a Billy Sunday meeting in Chicago. He went on to found the Slavic Gospel Association in 1934. He toured Russia, preaching the gospel and had the joy of seeing his family won to Christ. The Slavic Gospel Association evangelizes east Europeans world wide, provides gospel broadcasts in east European languages, produces literature and distributes Bibles.

Henry Blodget (1825 to 1903)
Congregational Church
Born for forty years of Chinese service.

Birth of Henry Blodget. This American became a Congregational missionary to China. During his forty years of service, he helped translate the Bible into the Peking dialect of Mandarin.


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