Birthdays on February 22

Elizabeth Alden Scott (1906 to 1934)
Remembered as a Martyr

Birth of Elizabeth Alden Scott, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scott, Presbyterian missionaries who left for China when she was six months old. Her early years were spent in Shanrung Province. Betty dedicated her life to the Lord at Keswick, New Jersey, Bible Conference after her freshman year at Wilson College, from which she graduated in 1928. She went to Moody Bible Institute, where she met John Stam. Betty went to China in 1931; John followed the next year. They were married in October 1933. Their daughter, Helen Priscilla, was bom the following September at Wuhu, Anhwei Province. They were sent to Tsingtch, Anhwei, in November 1934. Captured by Chinese Communist bandits the morning of December 6, 1934, they were both beheaded two days later: The baby was found by national Christians under a basket of old clothing, and was finally returned to America. The martyrdom of John and Betty Stam did more to inspire missions than any previous event in the history of Gospel work in China.


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