Hope in the LORD

391 I have said, 'I observe my ways, Against sinning with my tongue, I keep for my mouth a curb, while the wicked 'is' before me.' 2 I was dumb 'with' silence, I kept silent from good, and my pain is excited. 3 Hot 'is' my heart within me, In my meditating doth the fire burn, I have spoken with my tongue. 4 'Cause me to know, O Jehovah, mine end, And the measure of my days—what it 'is',' I know how frail I 'am'. 5 Lo, handbreadths Thou hast made my days, And mine age 'is' as nothing before Thee, Only, all vanity 'is' every man set up. Selah. 6 Only, in an image doth each walk habitually, Only, 'in' vain, they are disquieted, He heapeth up and knoweth not who gathereth them.

7 And, now, what have I expected? O Lord, my hope—it 'is' of Thee. 8 From all my transgressions deliver me, A reproach of the fool make me not. 9 I have been dumb, I open not my mouth, Because Thou—Thou hast done 'it'. 10 Turn aside from off me Thy stroke, From the striving of Thy hand I have been consumed. 11 With reproofs against iniquity, Thou hast corrected man, And dost waste as a moth his desirableness, Only, vanity 'is' every man. Selah. 12 Hear my prayer, O Jehovah, And 'to' my cry give ear, Unto my tear be not silent, For a sojourner I 'am' with Thee, A settler like all my fathers. 13 Look from me, and I brighten up before I go and am not!