Israel Entreated to Return to the LORD

141 Turn back, O Israel, unto Jehovah thy God, For thou hast stumbled by thine iniquity. 2 Take with you words, and turn to Jehovah, Say ye unto Him: 'Take away all iniquity, and give good, And we do render the fruit of our lips. 3 Asshur doth not save us, on a horse we ride not, Nor do we say any more, Our God, to the work of our hands, For in Thee find mercy doth the fatherless.'

4 I heal their backsliding, I love them freely, For turned back hath Mine anger from him. 5 I am as dew to Israel, he flourisheth as a lily, And he striketh forth his roots as Lebanon. 6 Go on do his sucklings, And his beauty is as an olive, And he hath fragrance as Lebanon. 7 Return do the dwellers under his shadow, They revive 'as' corn, and flourish as a vine, His memorial 'is' as wine of Lebanon.

8 O Ephraim, what to Me any more with idols? I—I afflicted, and I cause him to sing: 'I 'am' as a green fir-tree,' From Me is thy fruit found. 9 Who 'is' wise, and doth understand these? Prudent, and knoweth them? For upright are the ways of Jehovah, And the righteous go on in them, And the transgressors stumble therein!