God's Eternity and Man's Transitoriness

901 A Prayer of Moses, the man of God. Lord, a habitation Thou—Thou hast been, To us—in generation and generation, 2 Before mountains were brought forth, And Thou dost form the earth and the world, Even from age unto age Thou 'art' God. 3 Thou turnest man unto a bruised thing, And sayest, Turn back, ye sons of men. 4 For a thousand years in Thine eyes 'are' as yesterday, For it passeth on, yea, a watch by night. 5 Thou hast inundated them, they are asleep, In the morning as grass he changeth. 6 In the morning it flourisheth, and hath changed, At evening it is cut down, and hath withered.

7 For we were consumed in Thine anger, And in Thy fury we have been troubled. 8 Thou hast set our iniquities before Thee, Our hidden things at the light of Thy face, 9 For all our days pined away in Thy wrath, We consumed our years as a meditation. 10 Days of our years, in them 'are' seventy years, And if, by reason of might, eighty years, Yet 'is' their enlargement labour and vanity, For it hath been cut off hastily, and we fly away. 11 Who knoweth the power of Thine anger? And according to Thy fear—Thy wrath?

12 To number our days aright let 'us' know, And we bring the heart to wisdom. 13 Turn back, O Jehovah, till when? And repent concerning Thy servants. 14 Satisfy us at morn 'with' Thy kindness, And we sing and rejoice all our days. 15 Cause us to rejoice according to the days Wherein Thou hast afflicted us, The years we have seen evil. 16 Let Thy work appear unto Thy servants, And Thine honour on their sons. 17 And let the pleasantness of Jehovah our God be upon us, And the work of our hands establish on us, Yea, the work of our hands establish it!

Abiding in the Shadow of the Almighty

911 He who is dwelling In the secret place of the Most High, In the shade of the Mighty lodgeth habitually, 2 He is saying of Jehovah, 'My refuge, and my bulwark, my God, I trust in Him,' 3 For He delivereth thee from the snare of a fowler, From a calamitous pestilence. 4 With His pinion He covereth thee over, And under His wings thou dost trust, A shield and buckler 'is' His truth. 5 Thou art not afraid of fear by night, Of arrow that flieth by day, 6 Of pestilence in thick darkness that walketh, Of destruction that destroyeth at noon, 7 There fall at thy side a thousand, And a myriad at thy right hand, Unto thee it cometh not nigh. 8 But with thine eyes thou lookest, And the reward of the wicked thou seest,

9 (For Thou, O Jehovah, 'art' my refuge,) The Most High thou madest thy habitation. 10 Evil happeneth not unto thee, And a plague cometh not near thy tent, 11 For His messengers He chargeth for thee, To keep thee in all thy ways, 12 On the hands they bear thee up, Lest thou smite against a stone thy foot. 13 On lion and asp thou treadest, Thou trampest young lion and dragon. 14 Because in Me he hath delighted, I also deliver him—I set him on high, Because he hath known My name. 15 He doth call Me, and I answer him, I 'am' with him in distress, I deliver him, and honour him. 16 With length of days I satisfy him, And I cause him to look on My salvation!

Praise for the LORD's Goodness

921 Good to give thanks to Jehovah, And to sing praises to Thy name, O Most High, 2 To declare in the morning Thy kindness, And Thy faithfulness in the nights. 3 On ten strings and on psaltery, On higgaion, with harp. 4 For Thou hast caused me to rejoice, O Jehovah, in Thy work, Concerning the works of Thy hands I sing. 5 How great have been Thy works, O Jehovah, Very deep have been Thy thoughts. 6 A brutish man doth not know, And a fool understandeth not this;—

7 When the wicked flourish as a herb, And blossom do all workers of iniquity—For their being destroyed for ever and ever! 8 And Thou 'art' high to the age, O Jehovah. 9 For, lo, Thine enemies, O Jehovah, For, lo, Thine enemies, do perish, Separate themselves do all workers of iniquity. 10 And Thou exaltest as a reem my horn, I have been anointed with fresh oil. 11 And mine eye looketh on mine enemies, Of those rising up against me, The evil doers, do mine ears hear. 12 The righteous as a palm-tree flourisheth, As a cedar in Lebanon he groweth. 13 Those planted in the house of Jehovah, In the courts of our God do flourish. 14 Still they bring forth in old age, Fat and flourishing are they, 15 To declare that upright 'is' Jehovah my rock, And there is no perverseness in Him!

The Majesty of the LORD

931 Jehovah hath reigned, Excellency He hath put on, Jehovah put on strength, He girded Himself, Also—established is the world, unmoved. 2 Established is Thy throne since then, From the age Thou 'art'. 3 Floods have lifted up, O Jehovah, Floods have lifted up their voice, Floods lift up their breakers. 4 Than the voices of many mighty waters, Breakers of a sea, mighty on high 'is' Jehovah, 5 Thy testimonies have been very stedfast, To Thy house comely 'is' holiness, O Jehovah, for length of days!

A Prayer for Vengeance

941 God of vengeance—Jehovah! God of vengeance, shine forth. 2 Be lifted up, O Judge of the earth, Send back a recompence on the proud. 3 Till when 'do' the wicked, O Jehovah? Till when do the wicked exult? 4 They utter—they speak an old saw, All working iniquity do boast themselves. 5 Thy people, O Jehovah, they bruise, And Thine inheritance they afflict. 6 Widow and sojourner they slay, And fatherless ones they murder. 7 And they say, 'Jehovah doth not see, And the God of Jacob doth not consider.' 8 Consider, ye brutish among the people, And ye foolish, when do ye act wisely? 9 He who planteth the ear doth He not hear? He who formeth the eye doth He not see? 10 He who is instructing nations, Doth He not reprove? He who is teaching man knowledge 'is' Jehovah. 11 He knoweth the thoughts of man, that they 'are' vanity.

12 O the happiness of the man Whom Thou instructest, O Jah, And out of Thy law teachest him, 13 To give rest to him from days of evil, While a pit is digged for the wicked. 14 For Jehovah leaveth not His people, And His inheritance forsaketh not. 15 For to righteousness judgment turneth back, And after it all the upright of heart, 16 Who riseth up for me with evil doers? Who stationeth himself for me with workers of iniquity? 17 Unless Jehovah 'were' a help to me, My soul had almost inhabited silence. 18 If I have said, 'My foot hath slipped,' Thy kindness, O Jehovah, supporteth me. 19 In the abundance of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul. 20 Is a throne of mischief joined 'with' Thee? A framer of perverseness by statute? 21 They decree against the soul of the righteous, And innocent blood declare wicked. 22 And Jehovah is for a high place to me, And my God 'is' for a rock—my refuge, 23 And turneth back on them their iniquity, And in their wickedness cutteth them off; Jehovah our God doth cut them off!

A Song of Praise and Worship

951 Come, we sing to Jehovah, We shout to the rock of our salvation. 2 We come before His face with thanksgiving, With psalms we shout to Him. 3 For a great God 'is' Jehovah, And a great king over all gods. 4 In whose hand 'are' the deep places of earth, And the strong places of hills 'are' His. 5 Whose is the sea, and He made it, And His hands formed the dry land. 6 Come in, we bow ourselves, and we bend, We kneel before Jehovah our Maker.

7 For He 'is' our God, and we the people of His pasture, And the flock of His hand, To-day, if to His voice ye hearken, 8 Harden not your heart as 'in' Meribah, As 'in' the day of Massah in the wilderness, 9 Where your fathers have tried Me, Have proved Me, yea, have seen My work. 10 Forty years I am weary of the generation, And I say, 'A people erring in heart—they! And they have not known My ways:' 11 Where I sware in Mine anger, 'If they come in unto My rest—!'