The Egyptians Are Men, Not God

311 Wo 'to' those going down to Egypt for help, And on horses lean, And trust on chariots, because many, And on horsemen, because very strong, And have not looked on the Holy One of Israel, And Jehovah have not sought. 2 And He also 'is' wise, and bringeth in evil, And His words He hath not turned aside, And He hath risen against a house of evil doers, And against the help of workers of iniquity. 3 And the Egyptians 'are men', and not God, And their horses 'are' flesh, and not spirit, And Jehovah stretcheth out His hand, And stumbled hath the helper, And fallen hath the helped one, And together all of them are consumed. 4 For thus said Jehovah unto me: 'As growl doth the lion and the young lion over his prey, Called against whom is a multitude of shepherds, From their voice he is not affrighted, And from their noise he is not humbled; So come down doth Jehovah of Hosts To war on mount Zion, and on her height. 5 As birds flying, so doth Jehovah of Hosts Cover over Jerusalem, covering and delivering, Passing over, and causing to escape.'

6 Turn back to Him from whom sons of Israel Have deepened apostacy. 7 For in that day despise doth each His idols of silver, and his idols of gold, That your hands made to you—a sin. 8 And fallen hath Asshur by sword, not of the high, Yea, a sword—not of the low, doth consume him, And he hath fled for himself from the face of a sword, And his young men become tributary. 9 And 'to' his rock from fear he passeth on, And affrighted by the ensign have been his princes—an affirmation of Jehovah, Who hath a light in Zion, And who hath a furnace in Jerusalem!

The Righteous King

321 Lo, for righteousness doth a king reign, As to princes, for judgment they rule. 2 And each hath been as a hiding-place 'from' wind, And as a secret hiding-place 'from' inundation, As rivulets of waters in a dry place, As a shadow of a heavy rock in a weary land. 3 And not dazzled are the eyes of beholders, And the ears of hearers do attend. 4 And the heart of those hastened Understandeth to know, And the tongue of stammerers hasteth to speak clearly. 5 A fool is no more called 'noble,' And to a miser it is not said, 'rich;' 6 For a fool speaketh folly, And his heart doth iniquity, to do profanity, And to speak concerning Jehovah error, To empty the soul of the hungry, Yea, drink of the thirsty he causeth to lack. 7 And the miser—his instruments 'are' evil, He hath counselled wicked devices, To corrupt the poor with lying sayings, Even when the needy speaketh justly. 8 And the noble counselled noble things, And he for noble things riseth up.

Women of Jerusalem Warned

9 Women, easy ones, rise, hear my voice, Daughters, confident ones, give ear 'to' my saying, 10 Days and a year ye are troubled, O confident ones, For consumed hath been harvest, The gathering cometh not. 11 Tremble ye women, ye easy ones, Be troubled, ye confident ones, Strip and make bare, with a girdle on the loins, 12 For breasts they are lamenting, For fields of desire, for the fruitful vine. 13 Over the ground of my people thorn—brier goeth up, Surely over all houses of joy of the exulting city, 14 Surely the palace hath been left, The multitude of the city forsaken, Fort and watch-tower hath been for dens unto the age, A joy of wild asses—a pasture of herds; 15 Till emptied out on us is the Spirit from on high, And a wilderness hath become a fruitful field, And the fruitful field for a forest is reckoned. 16 And dwelt in the wilderness hath judgment, And righteousness in the fruitful field remaineth. 17 And a work of the righteousness hath been peace, And a service of the righteousness—Keeping quiet and confidence unto the age. 18 And dwelt hath My people in a peaceful habitation, And in stedfast tabernacles, And in quiet resting-places. 19 And it hath hailed in the going down of the forest, And in the valley is the city low. 20 Happy 'are' ye sowing by all waters, Sending forth the foot of the ox and the ass!

The LORD Will Bring Salvation

331 Wo, spoiler! and thou not spoiled, And treacherous! and they dealt not treacherously with thee, When thou dost finish, O spoiler, thou art spoiled, When thou dost finish dealing treacherously, They deal treacherously with thee. 2 O Jehovah, favour us, for thee we have waited, Be their arm, in the mornings, Yea, our salvation in time of adversity. 3 From the voice of a multitude fled have peoples, From thine exaltation scattered have been nations. 4 And gathered hath been your spoil, A gathering of the caterpillar, As a running to and fro of locusts is he running on it. 5 Set on high is Jehovah, for He is dwelling on high, He filled Zion 'with' judgment and righteousness, 6 And hath been the stedfastness of thy times, The strength of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge, Fear of Jehovah—it 'is' His treasure. 7 Lo, 'Their Ariel,' they have cried without, Messengers of peace do weep bitterly. 8 Desolated have been highways, Ceased hath he who passeth along the path, He hath broken covenant, He hath despised enemies, He hath not esteemed a man. 9 Mourned, languished hath the land, Confounded hath been Lebanon, Withered hath been Sharon as a wilderness, And shaking are Bashan and Carmel. 10 Now, do I arise, saith Jehovah, Now I am exalted, now I am lifted up. 11 Ye conceive chaff, ye bear stubble, Your spirit!—fire devoureth you. 12 And peoples have been 'as' burnings of lime, Thorns, as sweepings, with fire they burn.

13 Hear, ye far off, that which I have done, And know, ye near ones, My might. 14 Afraid in Zion have been sinners, Seized hath trembling the profane: Who doth dwell for us—consuming fire, Who doth dwell for us—burnings of the age? 15 Whoso is walking righteously, And is speaking uprightly, Kicking against gain of oppressions, Shaking his hands from taking hold on a bribe, Stopping his ear from hearing of blood, And shutting his eyes from looking on evil, 16 He high places doth inhabit, Strongholds of rock 'are' his high tower, His bread hath been given, his waters stedfast. 17 A king in his beauty, see do thine eyes, They see a land afar off. 18 Thy heart doth meditate terror, Where 'is' he who is counting? Where 'is' he who is weighing? Where 'is' he who is counting the towers? 19 The strong people thou seest not, A people deeper of lip than to be understood, Of a scorned tongue, there is no understanding. 20 See Zion, the city of our meetings, Thine eyes see Jerusalem a quiet habitation, A tent not taken down, Not removed are its pins for ever, And none of its cords are broken. 21 But there mighty 'is' Jehovah for us, A place of rivers—streams broad of sides, No ship with oars doth go into it, And a mighty ship doth not pass over it. 22 For Jehovah our judge, Jehovah our lawgiver, Jehovah our king—He doth save us. 23 Left have been thy ropes, They strengthen not rightly their mast, They have not spread out a sail, Then apportioned hath been a prey of much spoil, The lame have taken spoil. 24 Nor doth an inhabitant say, 'I was sick,' The people that is dwelling in it, is forgiven of iniquity!

The LORD's Wrath upon the Nations

341 Come near, ye nations, to hear, And ye peoples, give attention, Hear doth the earth and its fulness, The world, and all its productions. 2 For wrath 'is' to Jehovah against all the nations, And fury against all their host, He hath devoted them to destruction, He hath given them to slaughter. 3 And their wounded are cast out, And their carcases cause their stench to ascend, And melted have been mountains from their blood. 4 And consumed have been all the host of the heavens, And rolled together as a book have been the heavens, And all their hosts do fade, As the fading of a leaf of a vine, And as the fading one of a fig-tree. 5 For soaked in the heavens was My sword, Lo, on Edom it cometh down, On the people of My curse for judgment. 6 A sword 'is' to Jehovah—it hath been full of blood, It hath been made fat with fatness, With blood of lambs and he-goats. With fat of kidneys of rams, For a sacrifice 'is' to Jehovah in Bozrah, And a great slaughter in the land of Edom. 7 And come down have reems with them, And bullocks with bulls, And soaked hath been their land from blood, And their dust from fatness is made fat. 8 (For a day of vengeance 'is' to Jehovah, A year of recompences for Zion's strife,)

9 And turned have been her streams to pitch, And her dust to brimstone, And her land hath become burning pitch. 10 By night and by day she is not quenched, To the age go up doth her smoke, From generation to generation she is waste, For ever and ever, none is passing into her. 11 And possess her do pelican and hedge-hog, And owl and raven dwell in her, And He hath stretched out over her A line of vacancy, and stones of emptiness. 12 'To' the kingdom her freemen they call, But there are none there, And all her princes are at an end. 13 And gone up her palaces have thorns, Nettle and bramble 'are' in her fortresses, And it hath been a habitation of dragons, A court for daughters of an ostrich. 14 And met have Ziim with Aiim, And the goat for its companion calleth, Only there rested hath the night-owl, And hath found for herself a place of rest. 15 There made her nest hath the bittern, Yea, she layeth, and hath hatched, And hath gathered under her shadow, Only there gathered have been vultures, Each with its companion. 16 Seek out of the book of Jehovah, and read, One of these hath not been lacking, None hath missed its companion, For My mouth—it hath commanded, And His spirit—He hath gathered them. 17 And He hath cast for them a lot, And His hand hath apportioned 'it' to them by line, Unto the age they possess it, To all generations they dwell in it!

The Glorious Future of Zion

351 They joy from the wilderness and dry place, And rejoice doth the desert, and flourish as the rose, 2 Flourishing it doth flourish, and rejoice, Yea, 'with' joy and singing, The honour of Lebanon hath been given to it, The beauty of Carmel and Sharon, They—they see the honour of Jehovah, The majesty of our God. 3 Strengthen ye the feeble hands, Yea, the stumbling knees strengthen. 4 Say to the hastened of heart, 'Be strong, Fear not, lo, your God; vengeance cometh, The recompence of God, He Himself doth come and save you.'

5 Then opened are eyes of the blind, And ears of the deaf are unstopped, 6 Then leap as a hart doth the lame, And sing doth the tongue of the dumb, For broken up in a wilderness have been waters, And streams in a desert. 7 And the mirage hath become a pond, And the thirsty land fountains of waters, In the habitation of dragons, Its place of couching down, a court for reed and rush. 8 And a highway hath been there, and a way, And the 'way of holiness' is called to it, Not pass over it doth the unclean, And He Himself 'is' by them, Whoso is going in the way—even fools err not. 9 No lion is there, yea, a destructive beast Ascendeth it not, it is not found there, And walked have the redeemed, 10 And the ransomed of Jehovah return, And have entered Zion with singing. And joy age-during on their head, Joy and gladness they attain, And fled away have sorrow and sighing!