1 Chronicles 24 New American Standard Bible

24 1 Now the divisions of the descendants of Aaron were these: the sons of Aaron were Nadab , Abihu , Eleazar and Ithamar . 2 But Nadab and Abihu died before their father and had no sons . So Eleazar and Ithamar served as priests . 3 David , with Zadok of the sons of Eleazar and Ahimelech of the sons of Ithamar , divided them according to their offices for their ministry . 4 Since more chief men were found from the descendants of Eleazar than the descendants of Ithamar , they divided them thus: there were sixteen e heads of fathers' households of the descendants of Eleazar and eight of the descendants of Ithamar , according to their fathers' households . 5 Thus they were divided by lot , the one as the other ; for they were officers of the sanctuary and officers of God , both from the descendants of Eleazar and the descendants of Ithamar . 6 Shemaiah , the son of Nethanel the scribe , from the Levites , recorded them in the presence of the king , the princes , Zadok the priest , Ahimelech the son of Abiathar , and the heads of the fathers' households of the priests and of the Levites ; one father's household taken for Eleazar and one taken for Ithamar . 7 Now the first lot came out for Jehoiarib , the second for Jedaiah , 8 the third for Harim , the fourth for Seorim , 9 the fifth for Malchijah , the sixth for Mijamin , 10 the seventh for Hakkoz , the eighth for Abijah , 11 the ninth for Jeshua , the tenth for Shecaniah , 12 the eleventh e for Eliashib , the twelfth e for Jakim , 13 the thirteenth e for Huppah , the fourteenth e for Jeshebeab , 14 the fifteenth e for Bilgah , the sixteenth e for Immer , 15 the seventeenth e for Hezir , the eighteenth e for Happizzez , 16 the nineteenth e for Pethahiah , the twentieth for Jehezkel , 17 the twenty-first e for Jachin , the twenty-second e for Gamul , 18 the twenty-third e for Delaiah , the twenty-fourth e for Maaziah . 19 These were their offices for their ministry when they came in to the house of the Lord according to the ordinance given to them through Aaron their father , just as the Lord God of Israel had commanded him.

20 Now for the rest of the sons of Levi : of the sons of Amram , Shubael ; of the sons of Shubael , Jehdeiah . 21 Of Rehabiah : of the sons of Rehabiah , Isshiah the first . 22 Of the Izharites , Shelomoth ; of the sons of Shelomoth , Jahath . 23 The sons of Hebron: Jeriah the first, Amariah the second , Jahaziel the third , Jekameam the fourth . 24 Of the sons of Uzziel , Micah ; of the sons of Micah , Shamir . 25 The brother of Micah , Isshiah ; of the sons of Isshiah , Zechariah . 26 The sons of Merari , Mahli and Mushi ; the sons of Jaaziah , Beno . 27 The sons of Merari : by Jaaziah were Beno , Shoham , Zaccur and Ibri . 28 By Mahli : Eleazar , who had no sons . 29 By Kish : the sons of Kish , Jerahmeel . 30 The sons of Mushi : Mahli , Eder and Jerimoth . These were the sons of the Levites according to their fathers' households . 31 These also cast lots just as their relatives the sons of Aaron in the presence of David the king , Zadok , Ahimelech , and the heads of the fathers' households of the priests and of the Levites -the head of fathers' households as well as those of his younger brother .

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