3 His left hand should be under my head, and his right hand should embrace me.

Other Translations of Song of Solomon 8:3

New International Version

3 His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.

English Standard Version

3 His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me!

The Message

3 Imagine! His left hand cradling my head, his right arm around my waist!

New King James Version

3 (To the Daughters of Jerusalem) His left hand is under my head, And his right hand embraces me.

New Living Translation

3 Your left arm would be under my head, and your right arm would embrace me.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Song of Solomon 8:3

Commentary on Song of Solomon 8:1-4

(Read Song of Solomon 8:1-4)

The church wishes for the constant intimacy and freedom with the Lord Jesus that a sister has with a brother. That they might be as his brethren, which they are, when by grace they are made partakers of a Divine nature. Christ is become as our Brother; wherever we find him, let us be ready to own our relation to him, and affection for him, and not fear being despised for it. Is there in us an ardent wish to serve Christ more and better? What then have we laid up in store, to show our affection to the Beloved of our souls? What fruit unto holiness? The church charges all her children that they never provoke Christ to withdraw. We should reason with ourselves, when tempted to do what would grieve the Spirit.