28 Remove not the ancient landmark, [1] which thy fathers have set.

Other Translations of Proverbs 22:28

New International Version

28 Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors.

English Standard Version

28 Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.

The Message

28 Don't stealthily move back the boundary lines staked out long ago by your ancestors.

New King James Version

28 Do not remove the ancient landmark Which your fathers have set.

New Living Translation

28 Don't cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers set up by previous generations.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Proverbs 22:28

Commentary on Proverbs 22:28

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We are taught not to trespass on another man's right. And it is hard to find a truly industrious man. Such a man will rise. Seest thou a man diligent in the business of religion? He is likely to excel. Let us then be diligent in God's work.