40 And after that they durst not ask him any question at all.

Other Translations of Luke 20:40

New International Version

40 And no one dared to ask him any more questions.

English Standard Version

40 For they no longer dared to ask him any question.

The Message

40 For a while, anyway, no one dared put questions to him.

New King James Version

40 But after that they dared not question Him anymore.

New Living Translation

40 And then no one dared to ask him any more questions.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Luke 20:40

Commentary on Luke 20:39-47

(Read Luke 20:39-47)

The scribes commended the reply Christ made to the Sadducees about the resurrection, but they were silenced by a question concerning the Messiah. Christ, as God, was David's Lord; but Christ, as man, was David's son. The scribes would receive the severest judgement for defrauding the poor widows, and for their abuse of religion, particularly of prayer, which they used as a pretence for carrying on worldly and wicked plans. Dissembled piety is double sin. Then let us beg of God to keep us from pride, ambition, covetousness, and every evil thing; and to teach us to seek that honour which comes from him alone.