5 And if ye offer a sacrifice of peace offerings unto the Lord, ye shall offer it at your own will.

Other Translations of Leviticus 19:5

New International Version

5 " 'When you sacrifice a fellowship offering to the Lord, sacrifice it in such a way that it will be accepted on your behalf.

English Standard Version

5 "When you offer a sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord, you shall offer it so that you may be accepted.

The Message

5 "When you sacrifice a Peace-Offering to God, do it as you've been taught so it is acceptable.

New King James Version

5 'And if you offer a sacrifice of a peace offering to the Lord, you shall offer it of your own free will.

New Living Translation

5 "When you sacrifice a peace offering to the Lord, offer it properly so you will be accepted by God.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Leviticus 19:5

Chapter Contents


There are some ceremonial precepts in this chapter, but most of these precepts are binding on us, for they are explanations of the ten commandments. It is required that Israel be a holy people, because the God of Israel is a holy God, verse 35. We must make conscience of obeying God's precepts. We are not to pick and choose our duty, but must aim at standing complete in all the will of God. And the nearer our lives and tempers are to the precepts of God's law, the happier shall we be, and the happier shall we make all around us, and the better shall we adorn the gospel.