17 Because I was not cut off before the darkness, neither hath he covered the darkness from my face.

Other Translations of Job 23:17

New International Version

17 Yet I am not silenced by the darkness, by the thick darkness that covers my face.

English Standard Version

17 yet I am not silenced because of the darkness, nor because thick darkness covers my face.

The Message

17 I'm completely in the dark, I can't see my hand in front of my face.

New King James Version

17 Because I was not cut off from the presence of darkness, And He did not hide deep darkness from my face.

New Living Translation

17 Darkness is all around me; thick, impenetrable darkness is everywhere.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 23:17

Commentary on Job 23:13-17

(Read Job 23:13-17)

As Job does not once question but that his trials are from the hand of God, and that there is no such thing as chance, how does he account for them? The principle on which he views them is, that the hope and reward of the faithful servants of God are only laid up in another life; and he maintains that it is plain to all, that the wicked are not treated according to their deserts in this life, but often directly the reverse. But though the obtaining of mercy, the first-fruits of the Spirit of grace, pledges a God, who will certainly finish the work which he has began; yet the afflicted believer is not to conclude that all prayer and entreaty will be in vain, and that he should sink into despair, and faint when he is reproved of Him. He cannot tell but the intention of God in afflicting him may be to produce penitence and prayer in his heart. May we learn to obey and trust the Lord, even in tribulation; to live or die as he pleases: we know not for what good ends our lives may be shortened or prolonged.