4 Hast thou eyes of flesh? or seest thou as man seeth?

Other Translations of Job 10:4

New International Version

4 Do you have eyes of flesh? Do you see as a mortal sees?

English Standard Version

4 Have you eyes of flesh? Do you see as man sees?

The Message

4 You don't look at things the way we mortals do. You're not taken in by appearances, are you?

New King James Version

4 Do You have eyes of flesh? Or do You see as man sees?

New Living Translation

4 Are your eyes like those of a human? Do you see things only as people see them?

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 10:4

Commentary on Job 10:1-7

(Read Job 10:1-7)

Job, being weary of his life, resolves to complain, but he will not charge God with unrighteousness. Here is a prayer that he might be delivered from the sting of his afflictions, which is sin. When God afflicts us, he contends with us; when he contends with us, there is always a reason; and it is desirable to know the reason, that we may repent of and forsake the sin for which God has a controversy with us. But when, like Job, we speak in the bitterness of our souls, we increase guilt and vexation. Let us harbour no hard thoughts of God; we shall hereafter see there was no cause for them. Job is sure that God does not discover things, nor judge of them, as men do; therefore he thinks it strange that God continues him under affliction, as if he must take time to inquire into his sin.