15 Why are thy valiant men swept away? they stood not, because the Lord did drive them.

Other Translations of Jeremiah 46:15

New International Version

15 Why will your warriors be laid low? They cannot stand, for the Lord will push them down.

English Standard Version

15 Why are your mighty ones face down? They do not standHebrew He does not stand because the Lord thrust them down.

The Message

15 "Why will your bull-god Apis run off? Because God will drive him off.

New King James Version

15 Why are your valiant men swept away? They did not stand Because the Lord drove them away.

New Living Translation

15 Why have your warriors fallen? They cannot stand, for the Lord has knocked them down.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Jeremiah 46:15

Commentary on Jeremiah 46:13-28

(Read Jeremiah 46:13-28)

Those who encroached on others, shall now be themselves encroached on. Egypt is now like a very fair heifer, not accustomed to the yoke of subjection; but destruction comes out of the north: the Chaldeans shall come. Comfort and peace are spoken to the Israel of God, designed to encourage them when the judgments of God were abroad among the nations. He will be with them, and only correct them in measure; and will not punish them with everlasting destruction from his presence.