9 And God appeared unto Jacob again, when he came out of Padanaram, and blessed him.

Other Translations of Genesis 35:9

New International Version

9 After Jacob returned from Paddan Aram,That is, Northwest Mesopotamia; also in verse 26 God appeared to him again and blessed him.

English Standard Version

9 God appearedOr had appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Paddan-aram, and blessed him.

The Message

9 God revealed himself once again to Jacob, after he had come back from Paddan Aram and blessed him:

New King James Version

9 Then God appeared to Jacob again, when he came from Padan Aram, and blessed him.

New Living Translation

9 Now that Jacob had returned from Paddan-aram, God appeared to him again at Bethel. God blessed him,

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Genesis 35:9

Commentary on Genesis 35:6-15

(Read Genesis 35:6-15)

The comfort the saints have in holy ordinances, is not so much from Beth-el, the house of God, as from El-beth-el, the God of the house. The ordinances are empty things, if we do not meet with God in them. There Jacob buried Deborah, Rebekah's nurse. She died much lamented. Old servants in a family, that have in their time been faithful and useful, ought to be respected. God appeared to Jacob. He renewed the covenant with him. I am God Almighty, God all-sufficient, able to make good the promise in due time, and to support thee and provide for thee in the mean time. Two things are promised; that he should be the father of a great nation, and that he should be the master of a good land. These two promises had a spiritual signification, which Jacob had some notion of, though not so clear and distinct as we now have. Christ is the promised Seed, and heaven is the promised land; the former is the foundation, and the latter the top-stone, of all God's favours.