6 And Isaac dwelt in Gerar:

Other Translations of Genesis 26:6

New International Version

6 So Isaac stayed in Gerar.

English Standard Version

6 So Isaac settled in Gerar.

The Message

6 So Isaac stayed put in Gerar.

New King James Version

6 So Isaac dwelt in Gerar.

New Living Translation

6 So Isaac stayed in Gerar.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Genesis 26:6

Commentary on Genesis 26:6-11

(Read Genesis 26:6-11)

There is nothing in Isaac's denial of his wife to be imitated, nor even excused. The temptation of Isaac is the same as that which overcame his father, and that in two instances. This rendered his conduct the greater sin. The falls of those who are gone before us are so many rocks on which others have split; and the recording of them is like placing buoys to save future mariners. This Abimelech was not the same that lived in Abraham's days, but both acted rightly. The sins of professors shame them before those that are not themselves religious.