5 And it came to pass afterward, that David's heart smote him, because he had cut off Saul's skirt.

Other Translations of 1 Samuel 24:5

New International Version

5 Afterward, David was conscience-stricken for having cut off a corner of his robe.

English Standard Version

5 And afterward David's heart struck him, because he had cut off a corner of Saul's robe.

The Message

5 Immediately, he felt guilty.

New King James Version

5 Now it happened afterward that David's heart troubled him because he had cut Saul's robe.

New Living Translation

5 But then David's conscience began bothering him because he had cut Saul's robe.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Samuel 24:5

Commentary on 1 Samuel 24:1-7

(Read 1 Samuel 24:1-7)

God delivered Saul into David's hand. It was an opportunity given to David to exercise faith and patience. He had a promise of the kingdom, but no command to slay the king. He reasons strongly, both with himself and with his men, against doing Saul any hurt. Sin is a thing which it becomes us to startle at, and to resist temptations thereto. He not only would not do this bad thing himself, but he would not suffer those about him to do it. Thus he rendered good for evil, to him from whom he received evil for good; and was herein an example to all who are called Christians, not to be overcome of evil, but to overcome evil with good.