24 And do this thing, Take the kings away, every man out of his place, and put captains in their rooms:

Other Translations of 1 Kings 20:24

New International Version

24 Do this: Remove all the kings from their commands and replace them with other officers.

English Standard Version

24 And do this: remove the kings, each from his post, and put commanders in their places,

The Message

24 Here's the strategy: Remove each sheik from his place of leadership and replace him with a seasoned officer.

New King James Version

24 So do this thing: Dismiss the kings, each from his position, and put captains in their places;

New Living Translation

24 Only this time replace the kings with field commanders!

Matthew Henry's Commentary on 1 Kings 20:24

Commentary on 1 Kings 20:22-30

(Read 1 Kings 20:22-30)

Those about Benhadad advised him to change his ground. They take it for granted that it was not Israel, but Israel's gods, that beat them; but they speak very ignorantly of Jehovah. They supposed that Israel had many gods, to whom they ascribed limited power within a certain district; thus vain were the Gentiles in their imaginations concerning God. The greatest wisdom in worldly concerns is often united with the most contemptible folly in the things of God.