Psalm 47 Bible Commentary

Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown

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Ps 47:1-9. Praise is given to God for victory, perhaps that recorded (2Ch 20:20-30); and His dominions over all people, Jews and Gentiles, is asserted.

1. clap . . . hands . . . people--literally, "peoples," or "nations" (compare De 32:43; Ps 18:49; 98:9).

2, 3. His universal sovereignty now exists, and will be made known.

3. under us--that is, His saints; Israel's temporal victories were types of the spiritual conquests of the true Church.

4. He shall . . . inheritance--the heathen to be possessed by His Church (Ps 2:8), as Canaan by the Jews.
excellency of Jacob--literally, "pride," or, that in which he glories (not necessarily, though often, in a bad sense), the privileges of the chosen people--
whom he loved--His love being the sole cause of granting them.

5-7. God, victorious over His enemies, reascends to heaven, amid the triumphant praises of His people, who celebrate His sovereign dominion. This sovereignty is what the Psalm teaches; hence he adds,
sing . . . praises with understanding--literally, "sing and play an instructive (Psalm)." The whole typifies Christ's ascension (compare Ps 68:18).

8, 9. The instruction continued.
throne of . . . holiness--or, "holy throne" (see on Ps 2:6; Ps 23:4).

9. princes--who represent peoples. For--
even--supply, "as," or, "to"--that is, they all become united under covenant with Abraham's God.
shields--as in Ho 4:18, "rulers" [Margin].